BioProtein Technology
BioProtein TechnologyServes: Wellness Professionals

BioProtein Technology is an all natural supplement manufacturer that is dedicated to producing therapeutic protein and growth factor formulas specifically for wellness professionals. These therapeutic protein and growth factor formulas are ideal for licensed practitioners who use alternative or preventative medicine.

Pure Solutions
Pure SolutionsServes: Health Food Stores

Pure Solutions offers a full suite of growth factors in a balanced matrix, all delivered in both all-natural oral and topical formulas. Pure Solutions products can be found in health food stores throughout the U.S. under the brand names Pure Factors and Pure IGF.

Trainers Elite Network (TEN) Institute
Trainers Elite Network (TEN) InstituteServes : Licensed Fitness Trainers

At TEN Institute, our mission is to empower professional trainers with the tools, support and technology needed to advance their training programs and their clients’ results. Our unique products and services are designed, tested, and distributed through a network of committed, knowledgeable health enthusiasts allowing for a rewarding financial opportunity, and creating an enhanced mentor network for both trainers and clients.

US Antler
US AntlerServes: Canine Companions

US Antler is the proud producer of high-quality elk antler supplements for dogs. Our supplements are high-quality, 100% natural products that have been shown to improve overall health and wellness in your pet.

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At Bio Lab Naturals, many of our products utilize the purest forms of Velvet Antler Extract (VAE) in our oral and topical formulas. VAE is one of the world’s oldest nourishing raw super foods and has been used and documented in Eastern medicine for over two thousand years. This raw super food is created by clipping elk antlers, which are then rigorously filtered, finely ground, and extracted into high quality alcohol. Growing at an average rate of one inch per day, antlers are the only regenerative mammalian organ on the planet. Antler removal is performed in a humane manner in which the animals are never harmed.