At Bio Lab Naturals, we have worked hard over the last ten years to create all natural, safe and effective deer antler supplements in order to allow people all over the United States be as healthy as possible. The amazing fact about our supplements is that they do not just treat one condition; instead, they work to enhance all systems in your body to help you achieve total body wellness. Instead of cutting costs and using synthetic ingredients, we have strived to continue to produce products that are all natural to ensure that they do not cause any harsh or harmful side effects.

Why We Use Elk Antler

Deer antler supplements have been used for thousands of years by Eastern Medicine practitioners to help keep their patients feeling well. And while we at Bio Lab Naturals respect this ancient supplement, we believe that we can use modern scientific and medicinal discoveries in order to improve upon it. That is why we continue to use all natural ingredients, as well as choosing to use elk antlers instead of deer. While deer is still effective, we have found that it is considerably more effective to use elk. Not only are they healthier than deer, which allows them to live longer, but they also are much larger, meaning so are their antlers, which allows us to get more product from less animals.

Unlike many of our competitors who choose to import their elk antlers from overseas, Bio Lab Naturals has our very own farm in Idaho where we raise our elk. This way, we can ensure that the animals are well taken care of, and live happy and healthy lives. We truly believe that the happier the animals are, the healthier they will be, allowing our deer antler supplements to be at a higher quality. We even have a veterinarian on staff to oversee the harvesting of antler to ensure it is stress-free for the animals. Our goal is to control the manufacturing process “from birth to bottling.”

Our Subsidiaries

At Bio Lab Naturals, we want people to be educated about our deer antler supplements before taking them, which is why our products aren’t readily available in stores. Instead, we have three subsidiaries that use a knowledgeable team of distributors.

BioProtein Technology offers high quality velvet antler extract to doctors, medical practitioners and other health and wellness professionals so that they can educate their patients about the beneficial effects.

Pure Solutions aims to arm anti-aging clinics, med spas, health food stores, and other alternative medicine offices with both velvet antler extract and IGF-1 to offer a variety of benefits, including increased energy and fewer wrinkles.

TEN Institute distributors include gym owners and personal trainers. They help encourage bodybuilders and other gym enthusiasts to use products that will help them build muscle, cut down on fat, and speed up workout recovery.

US Antler creates all-natural, holistic supplements for dogs. These nutrient powerhouses are made of elk antler velvet and liver oil, leaving fillers and chemicals totally out of the equation.

Bio Lab Naturals

Bio Lab Naturals elk and deer antler supplements offer a variety of health and wellness benefits to many different people. Because our subsidiaries work with so many different factions, we are able to supply supplements to everyone, from serious athletes, to women suffering with the symptoms of menopause, to people simply looking for a safer alternative to prescription medications.

For more information about Bio Lab Naturals’ deer antler supplements or our subsidiaries, contact us today!