About Bio Lab Naturals

At Bio Lab Naturals, we are a national manufacturer of velvet antler extract and other deer antler supplements across the United States.

We are the parent company of three wholly owned subsidiaries:

  1. Pure Solutions, Inc. was originally incorporated in September 2001 in the state of Florida. Pure Solutions works with health food stores, med spas, and anti-aging clinics across the nation that have customers seeking quality natural alternatives that slow down the aging process, enhance muscle endurance and recovery, and much more.
  2. Bio Protein Technology, a 7 year national wholesale manufacturer with sales to alternative, integrative, and functional medicine practitioners, dermatologists, medical spas, and wellness clinics. BioProtein Technology offers natural alternatives to HGH or PRP injections and other popular anti- aging therapies. These formulas do not require prescriptions or injections and can be used safely by the patient at home, without the clinics’ administration. This practitioner exclusive line allows clinics to expand their patient services with effective natural and affordable therapies along with low volume private labeling.
  3. Trainer’s Elite Network (TEN) Institute that was originally launched in February 2013. The TEN Institute distributes our products through a network of athletic trainers, gym owners, and specialized wellness professionals who sell our products to their clientele and the TEN Institute fulfills the orders.
  4. US Antler is the proud producer of high-quality elk antler supplements for dogs. Our supplements are high-quality, 100% natural products that have been shown to improve overall health and wellness in your pet.

Bio Lab Naturals’ Dietary Supplements

A dietary supplement is a preparation intended to provide nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids, or amino acids that may be missing or may not be consumed in sufficient quantities in a person’s regular diet.

At Bio Lab Naturals, Inc., we offer multiple products formulated for the use of health conscious individuals including those:

  • Engaged in fitness training, muscle building, and weight loss
  • Seeking healthy lifestyles through dietary supplements to their current diets
  • Looking to support their healthy sleep patterns and to support good health and body functions while experiencing symptoms such as those related to menopause
  • Seeking to support healthy skin that is showing the effects of aging

Our dietary supplements are sold in the forms of one and two ounce bottled liquid, tablets, powder mixes, and topical formulas.

Natural Bio-Identical Growth Factors

Our products at Bio Lab Naturals are concentrated in formulas that contain protein growth factors extracted from deer antler, known as deer antler velvet extract. As a leader in the development and sale of high- quality and safe dietary supplements that utilize velvet antler extract, the majority of our product offerings include varying levels of our extract.

Deer antler velvet extract, which is humanely harvested from live elk by our vendors on farms located in the mid-western United States, has a long history of usage in India, Asia, and Russia for the support of good health, muscle recovery, and a healthy lifestyle. A constituent of deer antler velvet extract is insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). Peer-reviewed research demonstrates that IGF-1 is a polypeptide that plays important physiological roles in:

  • The regulation of hormones
  • Muscle hypertrophy
  • Prevention of muscle atrophy
  • Bone health and growth

If you would like to learn more about Bio Lab Naturals products, or if you would like to become a distributor, contact us today for more information!