More and more people who are looking to improve their overall health are making the switch to deer antler supplements because of its long list of amazing benefits. At Bio Lab Naturals, we take a different approach to harvesting our product than other manufactures do. We do this so that you can make the most of your experience and get the results you are looking for.

The Bio Lab Naturals Difference

Right from the start, Bio Lab Naturals takes a different approach to harvesting this superfood. After much research, we have found that elks actually hold more unique benefits over any other member of their family. We use a three step process that ensures that no harm comes to the animals during any point of harvesting our deer antler supplements.

While many manufactures get their supplies from farms in New Zealand, Bio Lab Naturals has its own farm right here in the United States. That gives us the ability to see through the entire process from our farms in Idaho all the way to your home without outsourcing any of our materials.

We need 43 pounds of elk material in order to obtain just one pound of raw material. But this does not mean that any part of the animal goes to waste, we just remove any unnecessary substances. After extraction, we also take a different approach to bottling. Our deer antler supplements are sold in a liquid form rather than a capsule for optimum absorption into the bloodstream at a rate of 75-85% compared to the 15% rate of a capsule. We bottle the liquid into dark colored glass bottle to protect it from harmful effects from the sun and well as to prevent the polypeptides from breaking down.

Doing all of this ensures purity and quality, and that is something we are proud to sell.

Bio Lab Naturals

At Bio Lab Naturals we pride ourselves on being different than other manufactures and providing quality deer antler supplements that health food stores, trainers, and doctors who want to sell to their own clients. For more information on any of our products or on becoming a distributor, give us a call today (800) 895 4415.