Many people in America are still unsure of the benefits and uses of deer antler velvet extract, for a few reasons. First, it seems that everyone has a different name for it, from velvet antler extract to deer antler to antler extract. Second, although it has been used for thousands of years in China, it is still relatively new here in the United States. At Bio Lab Naturals, we know that since it is such a new product, everyone will call it something different; however, the name doesn’t matter as much as the ingredients list. You will want to be sure that the supplement you are taking is pure, without any synthetics or artificial fillers. This will ensure that you will only experience positive effects, instead of negative ones associated with the synthetic and isolated versions.

Uses of Deer Antler Velvet Extract

At Bio Lab Naturals, we are confident in the many uses of our deer antler velvet extract, simply because our customer base contains such a wide variety of people benefitting from supplementing. Some of the more popular uses include:

  • Anti-Aging: Because of the high levels of IGF-1 in our products, many older people have found that supplementing allows them to enjoy many anti-aging effects. Besides fewer wrinkles, you can also expect to feel a renewed sense of energy and a sharper memory.
  • Working out: Anyone who works out regularly can benefit from deer antler velvet extract. Not only does it work as a natural energy booster before your workout, but it also helps to with your workout recovery time, so you heal from injuries faster and can get back to the gym quicker.
  • Total body wellness: Many of the people who use our products aren’t looking for specific anti-aging or work out results. Instead, they are looking for a supplement that will help them achieve total body wellness. From better joint health to immune system support, everyone can benefit from these effects!

Bio Lab Naturals

At Bio Lab Naturals, we have worked hard to improve on the ancient recipe of deer antler velvet extract to make our products the best they can be. For instance, we have found that using elk antlers actually yields a higher quality product, so we have our very own elk farm in Idaho. In addition, we only use pure, natural ingredients, never including any synthetic or artificial elements in our products.

Our three subsidiaries, Pure Solutions, BioProtein Technology, and TEN Institute are all looking for qualified distributors to help sell our products. If you are interested, contact us today!