For thousands of years, the health conscious have turned to the amazing benefits of elk antler supplements in order to improve their physical training as well as their overall health. This super food found in deer, elk, moose and other members of the Cervidae family is full of beneficial growth hormones, mainly IGF-1, and has recently made its way to the Western hemisphere due to its proven results.

This product’s benefits are harvested straight from the animals on Bio Lab Naturals’ farms in the Mid-West United States. However, no harm comes to the stags because of their ability to regrow the antlers each year. The material is simply extracted when the part falls off. Choosing to add elk antler supplements to your exercise routine and healthy diet will work to improve:

  • Hormone balance
  • Metabolism
  • Recovery time from both injuries and training
  • Lean muscle development, strength, and body composition
  • Mental alertness, mood, and memory
  • Sleep quality
  • Immune system and heart function
  • Bone density
  • Joint pain

We Do Things Differently

What sets our products apart from other companies is that we oversee the entire process from birth to bottling. Rather than using any other member from this family of animals, we have found that elks have been proven to be the most beneficial. Not only have elk antler supplements proven to be healthier, they also have larger horns than the other members of their family which allows for more products provided by fewer raw materials.

We have also figured out the best way for our clients to ingest this enhancement. Rather than most manufactures that provide clients with capsules, our products are distributed in liquid form for maximum absorption. We also deliver our extractions in dark colored amber glass bottles to prevent binding and harm caused by the sun.

Bio Lab Naturals’ Elk Antler Supplements

Bio Lab Naturals focuses on formulating dietary enhancements, which cannot be found in today’s processed food, for health conscious individuals. For more information about our elk antler supplements or any of our other products, give our experts a call today at (800) 895-4415.