At Bio Lab Naturals, we know that—unfortunately—many people are still unaware of the benefits of deer antler. But it is our goal to change that. When you begin supplementing with this natural remedy, you will begin to experience total body wellness attributed to the increased levels of IGF-1.

The first people who discovered the benefits of deer antler were physicians practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine over 2000 years ago! In fact, this ingredient is second only to ginseng in popularity in Eastern Medicine. This supplement, sometimes referred to as velvet antler extract, has been known to improve:

  • Adrenal function
  • Hormone balance
  • Metabolism
  • Recovery time from injury and training
  • Lean muscle development, strength, and body composition
  • Immune system function
  • Endurance capacity
  • Mental alertness, cognition, mood, and memory
  • Sleep quality
  • Heart function
  • Nerve damage
  • Bone density
  • Arthritic conditions
  • Fibromyalgia

These effects aren’t just for humans. Give your canine pal the gift of optimal health by adding our dog food supplement to their daily diet, and see the positive effects of antler velvet take place!

At Bio Lab Naturals, we have taken this ancient recipe and improved it using modern medicine and technology. Instead of using deer antler, we have switched to using elk, since their antlers are larger and because elk live longer and are healthier than deer. In addition, we have perfected the harvesting and extraction process, making sure it is completely painless and stress-free for the animals. We know that the happier our elk are, the healthier they will be, and therefore the better the quality of deer antler and velvet antler extract we offer!

Everyone from older people looking for an anti-aging supplement to bodybuilders looking for a safe way to build muscle has been enjoying the benefits of deer antler. Our three subsidiary companies, BioProtein Technology, Pure Solutions, and TEN Institute are currently looking for distributors all over the United States to sell our products to their clients and patients. We now have personal trainers, chiropractors, med spas, anti-aging clinics, health food stores, and various doctors’ offices all over the country selling our products in order to help their patients discover the benefits of deer antler, and now want to extend that same opportunity to you.

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