With so many companies manufacturing velvet antler extract, it can be difficult to decipher which are selling truly natural products and which are selling synthetic ones. Rest assured, that at Bio Lab Naturals, all of our products are natural and humanely harvested from elks raised right here in America.

What Makes Us Different

While some manufacturers will use deer antler, we know that elks offer unique benefits; including the fact that the animals are healthier and that they have much larger antlers, which allows for the productions of a lot more product from less raw material. We have created a unique, three step harvesting process that is completely painless for the animals. In addition, we have complete control over the process, from birth to bottling; we don’t outsource any of our materials. This way, we can completely ensure the purity and quality of our velvet antler extract.

Once we harvest the elk antlers, we need 43 pounds of it to create just one pound of Bio Lab Naturals raw material. Unlike our competitors, we do this to remove all of the unnecessary and ineffective substances. In addition, we use organic grape alcohol as a preservative, as it conserves the integrity of the growth factors. Other manufacturers will use citric acid or even potassium sorbate, which are so acidic that they destroy the growth factors. We also use dark colored, glass bottles for two reasons: first, the dark coloring helps protect the IGF-1 from the harmful effects of the sun; second, the glass keeps the polypeptides from breaking down.

At Bio Lab Naturals, our velvet antler extract should be taken by putting a few drops under the tongue. Other companies will sell VAE in capsules, but this can negate some of the benefits. Taking it orally as a liquid allows the molecules to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This ensures that the necessary ingredients arrive into your body unaltered, which allows for a higher rate of absorption. Our methods offer an absorption rate of 75-85%, compared to the 15% of capsules. This allows them to avoid the breaking down that happens in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as, the liver metabolizing them which can decrease the bioactivity.

Bio Lab Naturals

At Bio Lab Naturals, we know how many benefits can be achieving by supplementing with velvet antler extract, and we want you to be able to experience it too. Our products help with increasing your energy and decreasing body fat, as well as providing many anti-aging effects. Our all natural ingredient list allows for entire body health and wellness. You can also extend the wellness to your pup with US Antler’s holistic elk antler supplements for dogs!

Bio Lab Naturals has three subsidiaries that help distribute our velvet antler products to health food stores, doctor’s offices, and fitness facilities: Pure Solutions, Bio Protein Technology, and TEN Institute. For more information, contact us today!